Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Weekend in San Francisco

I guess my post from Saturday deserves a little explanation.  I was thoroughly enjoying myself at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, and felt compelled to photograph Naramsimha.  The story goes that the guy on his lap had received some sort of immortality "free pass" from the gods so that he couldn't be killed by man or by beast, in the daytime or at night.  Then he started acting up, and the gods decided he must be stopped, so Naramsimha changed into a half-man half-lion and at dusk ripped his guts out.

The rest of my San Francisco weekend was more mild-mannered.  I spent Friday at Valerie's house.  During the afternoon, I worked alongside a few other Electric Sheep, and that night Valerie and her husband threw a terrific dinner party, and even more Sheep came over.  I see my coworkers very rarely, so events like this are a treat.  (And Valerie and John are fantastic cooks and hosts.)

I spent Saturday at the museum, wandering through downtown San Francisco doing a little Christmas shopping, and having dinner with some of my oldest friends.  I grew up dancing ballet with Mavis, Nia and Lindsay.  I saw Mavis and Nia last year, but I hadn't seen Lindsay in a *really* long time, so we had a lot to catch up on.  For instance, she's married to a great guy named Andy!

Ballet girls + one husband

Above: Nia, Lindsay, me, Mavis, Andy

On Sunday, I got to have breakfast with Catie, who I haven't seen since we graduated from high school.  She's getting the same Ph.D. as Scott, except from UC Berkeley.  I'm happy to report that she will be in Duluth for Christmas, so I'll get to see her again before another 6 years go by.

Catie and I
I hopped on the Amtrak and was back in Davis in time for our IM frisbee team's first playoff game.  Since it's a single elimination series, and we lost, it was also our last playoff game.  But it was a perfect, sunny, crisp fall day, and I was happy to be out playing with great people.

Master Breeders - scary version

Above: the "scary" version of the team photo

Many thanks to my San Francisco hosts!  I can't wait to return and visit your fair city some more.

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