Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Saaga Continues...

The Saab saga may be nearing completion!  Here's a recap of our story so far:

DMV: Go get a smog test.

SpeeDee: Your car failed the smog test.

SpeeDee: We can't figure out why your car failed the smog test.  (But we won't charge you for the diagnostic.)

Volvo California Swedish: Your oxygen sensor is broken, and your exhaust pipe is cracked and leaky, and your catalytic converter might be messed up too.

Advanced Auto Repair: We could replace the oxygen sensor, but your exhaust pipe will probably break in the process.

Muffler place (contracted by AAR): Here's a shiny new exhaust pipe!

Advanced Auto Repair: Here's a shiny new oxygen sensor!

SpeeDee: Your car passed the smog test!

Next week: What will the DMV say when I return?  Will they let me register my car in California?  Will they relent and give me a drivers license that says "Elizabeth" rather than "Elisabeth?"  Will Ruthie find yet another way to torment me?  Stay tuned...

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