Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ten things I'm thankful for this year

  1. The Davis farmers market + Mark Bitman's How to Cook Everything - our semi-weekly entertainment and source of delicious dinners.
  2. Wireless - Working from home can get lonely, but wireless lets me do work from so many places - namely, Mishka's, where I run into people I know. Also, my family finally got wireless, so I can spend more time with them over Christmas!
  3. Telecommuting - Moving to Davis was scary, but being able to keep a terrific job with The Electric Sheep Company made the move ten times easier.
  4. Facebook - For allowing me to connect with old friends. There's no way I would have hung out with Seth in Las Vegas or Catie in Berkeley without it.
  5. California's smog laws - Even though it's been a big headache to comply, I'm glad they exist.
  6. The health and safety of my family - Too easily taken for granted.
  7. The hot tub in our apartment complex - It took Scott and I two and a half months to use it, but it's really nice!
  8. Scott's classmates - For being so friendly and welcoming to a shy Significant Other.
  9. The climbing wall at the UC Davis gym - It's fun, it's a workout, it's a way to escape the house after a long day of work, and it's a great way to meet new friends.
  10. Scott - For buying weird dried fish at the Chinese grocery and frying them for me, whether I like it or not. For picking such a nice town to move to. For giving me backrubs when I beg. For always listening to me, whether I like it or not.

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Andrew said...

Mie is making a quilt, too. You should ask her about it.