Friday, March 09, 2007

Update from Margo, who spent her lunch break today watching high school hockey semi-finals in Minneapolis:
Marshall won 3-2 in over time, tomorrow they're playing for the championship!
Hooray for Marshall! I'll wear my sweatshirt tomorrow to wish them luck. I'm not sure the team was ever this good when I was in high school... I only remember going to one game.

Another high school note - my old friend Bridget was in town this week and crashed at Delafield, so I got to reminisce about ballet and classmates and Camp Widji. Fun!

The other night I dreamt that someone sliced off my arm. I put it back on again, and it sort of stayed, so I was trying to decide whether or not go play ultimate. I was worried someone might knock it off again... so I decided to wait for my dad to come home from the symphony so that he could take me to the ER where they'd properly reattach it. I was very relieved to wake up and find my limbs all completely in tact.

The Delafielders went to see Breach on Wednesday night, which is a movie about a double agent in the FBI and based on a true story. I thought it was good, and I really liked that it took place in DC. Seeing the metrobuses was like seeing someone you know cast as an extra.

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