Saturday, March 17, 2007

Things to do on a rainy Friday

Recent tame adventures...

On Thursday night, I got to host five members of the current Wellesley Ultimate team who are driving down to a whole slew of tournaments in various southern states. They arrived at 1 am, so I didn't get to chat with them until Friday morning, when we stood around in the kitchen eating scrambled eggs. It was great to hear that the team is doing so well - it's the first year they've had numbers to field a B team since 2003, and they've got their eye on Nationals this year! I'm so glad that George Cooke is still coaching them. My sen year was his first year, which makes this his fifth year with the Whiptails. It's great that he's so committed. Hearing these women talk about playing and learning and wanting to improve was surprisingly inspirational. Made me want to jump in the RV with my housemate Abby who was driving down to Atlanta for a tournament on Friday. But Fools Fest is two weeks away... so I'm pretty sure I can wait until then. I'm more excited than ever for the reunion Millyfest tournament at Wellesley this year.

Friday was really really rainy, so our basement flooded. As usual. Despite the construction that's been done down there so far this year, it still flooded. There was a puddle an inch deep in the bathroom that was flowing across the hallway into the furnace room. Ugh. Fortunately, our landlord came over to get an eyeful of it himself, so hopefully an effective solution is on the horizon.

I spent the evening at Temperance Hall, a neat bar down on Georgia Ave. Despite the chilly, sleety weather, a bunch of friends joined me. I was grateful, and I had a great time. I got to hang out with Sumana and Jen, two of my friends from Wellesley who I haven't seen in years! Way cool.

No Scrabble this morning, since Scott is out of town. I worked a bunch of last Sunday's crossword puzzle, but it's not quite the same.

Last thing:

This reminds me of riding the T in Boston, singing camp songs with Abby and Morgan and Kate and Alissa. I'm not sure we were received quite as happily as the group in the video...

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RHL said...

That video is awesome!!! I just googled them .. they have like 3 albums out.. all acapella.. and all amazing..
Thanks for bringing them up!!!!!