Monday, March 12, 2007

Pearly Whites Day

I'm happy to announce that I have a clean bill of dental health. Flossing does a mouth good!

I'm always so impressed by my dentist's office - it seems like they make good use of the available technology. All of my records are stored electronicly, displayed on a flat screen monitor hanging just in front of my chair and flipped through by my hygienist wielding a wireless gyroscope mouse. I got digital x-rays taken, which were also instantly displayed for me. Cool!

I think today was the first time I've had a male hygienist, a really nice guy who noticed my Nantucket t-shirt and spent the rest of the appointment talking about shellfish, even though he doesn't like to eat it.

I learned that Brita filters do not take the fluoride out of the water (a concern that was raised over dim sum on Sunday), that Minnesota and Michigan both put LOTS of fluoride in the water (did you know it all started in Grand Rapids, MN?) and that DC doesn't put much in at all, so a little nighttime fluoride treatment every now and then wouldn't hurt. It works by stimulating your teeth to repair the enamel from the inside out.

Other news: Scott was accepted, and offered funding, by the University of Maryland's Agricultural Econ program. Go Scott!


Alexia said...

Yay Scott! Yay Libby's teeth!


sis said...

A - Go Scott!
B - What do you know about Mpls water? It has a good amount of flouride? I think I'll stick to tap water.