Friday, January 11, 2008

Sheep Retreat in South Carolina

I arrived at the retreat on Monday night and was immediately welcomed into the mix of Sheep eating, drinking, reuniting, meeting for the first time, laughing, etc.

It was probably our most luxurious retreat yet, with absolutely gorgeous beach houses and a professional chef! It was probably our most focused retreat as well - after December's restructuring, our leaders have a clearer idea of our company's mission, so a lot of time was spent making sure everyone is on the same page. As usual, I left feeling physically exhausted (I slept most of the 5 hour flight home, and then slept 11 hours that night.) but professionally rejuvenated. I'm really excited about upcoming projects and processes.

This retreat will probably be known as the Rock Band retreat. On Wednesday night, there was a Rock Band tournament using the Nintendo Rock Band video game, where teams of four must successfully sing, drum and play guitar and bass in order to score points for a song. Teams were announced on Monday, so Sheep were practicing all week long. My bedroom happened to be right above the Rock Band living room, so every night I was lulled to sleep with "My Sharona." Thank goodness Allison bought earplugs for us. The tournament itself was fantastic - so many Sheep showed a different side of themselves. Sibley's insane dancing, Paul's incredible McCartney impersonation, Tristan's slicked hair... I wouldn't be surprised if we see Rock Band at future retreats.

(Thanks to Dan and Sam for the photos.)

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