Thursday, January 31, 2008

Matted & hung!

All of these rainy evenings are so good for crafts! The t-shirt quilt is coming along - I'm adding borders now.

Just a few minutes ago, I finished matting and framing a print that my parents gave Scott and I for Christmas! It took some organization, but it was a pretty quick and easy project overall. (It was cheap too! The frame was about $25, and the mat was only $3 - a scrap from Ace Hardware.) This was my first time using my mat cutter, and now I'm excited to mat more stuff!

Not bad, eh? I didn't take a very good photo of it, but I think it looks great on my wall. Clean corners, straight lines, etc. Thanks for the print, parents!

P.S. The print is "The Trapper's Daughter and the Pickerel," by Rick Allen. You can see (and buy) more of his fantastic prints at the Kenspeckle Letterpress website.

Here's a better picture of the print:

It's part of a story. This print says,
On Winter Nights When Northern Lights
Would Paint the Snow With Color...
With Her Concertina
The Trapper's Daughter
Would Sing to the Pickerel.

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