Friday, January 18, 2008

First week back in CA

An up-and-down week. It was weird being back in Davis, and spending all day at home by myself after four solid weeks of spending time with terrific people. I felt lonely, and more than once considered buying a last-minute ticket to DC to attend the annual MLK party at Delafield. Fortunately for my credit card and carbon footprint, lots of good stuff also happened this week, and I have a fun weekend here to look forward to.

1. I signed up for three courses at the university's Experimental College - yoga, fire dancing (aka poi) and belly dancing. I'm definitely excited about belly dancing and poi - I have a tiny bit of experience with each and am looking forward to learning more!

2. Scott and I went on a date last night - Ciocoat for dinner and carrot cake. We jumped in the hot tub when we got home.

3. We went climbing tonight! I miss the rock walls we used in Duluth and Boulder, but it was good to get out nonetheless.

4. I'm going hiking tomorrow and Monday! Look for photos next week...

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Anonymous said...

I slash we missed you at MLK