Monday, January 07, 2008

New Years in Colorado!

On New Year's Day, Scott and I drove down to Minneapolis. We spent the afternoon with Alissa - a wonderful and long overdue visit. We flew to Denver in the evening, rented a car and drove west to Silverthorne where we were greeted by Rob and Nate and a pull-out couch with our name on it.

I had to work on Wednesday and Friday, but got to go skiing on Thursday and Saturday - my first time in 10 years. (It had been 15 years for Scott.) All in all, it went pretty well! The low point was on Saturday when I gamely decided to follow Scott and Nate down a black diamond - it started off with some not-so-bad moguls and rapidly turned into steep and scary moguls. It took me a long time (with many falls and a few tears) to get down. But Scott and Nate were very supportive and patient - couldn't have asked for better pals on the slopes.

We spent Sunday in Boulder. Dan and Jess came to visit (Dan, Nate and Scott all went to high school together), and we spent the afternoon at the climbing gym. We were all a little worn out but had a great time. I drove Scott to the airport and sent him home with our two enormous suitcases filled with cold-weather gear and Christmas presents. I flew to South Carolina on Monday morning with a laptop and a nice little duffel filled with warm-weather clothes.

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