Sunday, September 02, 2007

From the Denver airport

After being in a sort of limbo for much of August, I am finally en route to California. Our stuff has been shipped, and Scott successfully picked up the Amtrak load yesterday. I taxied to the airport this morning with a huge purple suitcase, my bike (taken apart and boxed up), a heavy down comforter (which didn’t fit in the suitcase, so it’s in a taped-up trash bag), my violin, and my messenger bag (with laptop, crossword puzzles and New Yorkers). An awkward assortment of luggage, that made me thankful for baggage carts and even more thankful that Scott will be waiting for me on the other end.

August was good. The time I spent with my family in Minnesota was wonderful, and I wish I lived closer to them. The week in Maine with the Electric Sheep Company was rejuvenating, and I returned to DC happy to get my hands dirty in work. The week in DC was productive work-wise and busy packing-wise. I got to spend time with some of my best friends there and had to say goodbye, but I’ve been impatient to get to Davis, and to Scott. I felt unsettled, so I’m happy to finally be on the move.

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