Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Settling in

I arrived safe and sound in Sacramento, along with all of my awkward luggage, and was whisked away to my new home in Yolo County. It's wonderful to be here. It's been a busy few days of shopping trips (Target and Ikea), craigslist purchases (a "Jefferson chair" and a bed) and trying to keep up with work.

Things are in disarray - my clothes are mashed together in open suitcases on the floor, and our counter is covered with paperwork to do - but little by little, things are getting done. We registered to vote, and Scott opened a checking account. We've got internet, and next week I'll visit the DMV to transfer my license. It feels good to be here.

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AKtoDC said...

I'm impressed that registering to vote was one of the first tasks you guys accomplished. That's awesome! Yay for smart, involved, voters!