Saturday, February 17, 2007

Snow and lots and lots of ice.

DC got some snow early in the week. Not a ton, but it was wet and heavy and hard to clean up. The federal government shortened their hours, schools closed, etc. That's fine, we're a southern city, people freak out over snow. But I'm impressed by the city's lack of effort in cleaning things up. Many of the side streets (including Delafield) never got plowed. Even New Hampshire Ave wasn't plowed! This makes for slow, annoying, potentially dangerous biking. With so much snow layered up on the side of the traffic lane, there's no bike lane. So we have to ride in the traffic lane, which annoys the drivers, who do stupid things to try to pass us. Ug. Scott and I bused to work most of the week, but it's an hour commute. Biking only takes 20 minutes. It does, however, make me appreciate (1) The New Yorker and (2) the fact that DC is very bikable the rest of the year. It might get as warm as 41°F today, so I'm crossing my fingers for nicer roads and wider lanes on Monday.

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