Saturday, February 03, 2007

Long underwear, long days.

This week was cold. I wore long underwear on the ride to work and to bed at night. Any given twenty-minute bike ride ended with frozen, stinging block-of-ice hands. It was a week of highlights and lowlights:

Last Saturday, I finished Scott’s quilt! I had finished just the top of it over Christmas, so I trekked out to my aunt and uncle’s house to do the actual quilting – sew the three layers together. My aunt has a really fancy sewing machine, which was fun to use and which I fortunately did not break.

Saturday evening was the Apple Gala (get it?) at Delafield. We had people over and served them as many apple dishes as we could cook up. (Someone brought us 2 big boxes of apples for MLK, but not nearly enough of them got eaten that weekend!) Apples and potatoes, spinach salad with apples, sliced apples with cheese, apple crisp, apple cake, apple sauce. Good times.

I baked an apple pie on Sunday and brought it to Paul’s house where Aaron, Jesseca, Ann, Towzer and Paul and I played board games, including Carcassone, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Aaron was kind enough to post some pictures in his write-up of the event.

Monday morning I got a sad e-mail from one of my friends. I wanted to help, but relationship counseling is not one of my fortes, and I didn’t really know what to say… which was frustrating. The previous day was the first anniversary of the death of one of my friend’s fathers. A melancholy time overall.

Tuesday I got to go to CrossFit. I love it. I got home, cleaned up and met two potential housemates: Chelsea and Elizabeth. After an hour of tea and conversation in the kitchen, they headed home, and the rest of us decided to invite them to come live here. Happily, they accepted! Sadly, Elizabeth will only be here for about six weeks – she’s waiting for paperwork to allow her to work in Tanzania for a year.

Wednesday, I announced to the Sheep that our next company meeting will be in Tampa, Florida. Jean-Ann had done a huge amount of legwork and found a beautiful pair of beach houses for all of us to stay in. I’m pretty excited.

Ann organized a lovely “ladies night” at Mama Ayesha’s for Wednesday evening. Michelle, LT, Jesseca, Alexia, Ann, Ashley and I managed to talk about Ultimate just part of the time, and let the conversation run elsewhere over the rest of the evening.

I worked from home on Thursday, baked apple bread, went for a run, and metro-ed down to DCA to meet Scott’s flight. Absolutely wonderful to finally have him home.

On Thursday evening, Chelsea and Elizabeth moved in, and we had a nice big house dinner… with apple cake for dessert of course.

Friday was finally warmer – in the upper 30s! After work, I headed up to Tryst for a surprise celebration of Bethany’s last day of work at the I Do Foundation. Some tea with Scott before bed (because it’s still not THAT warm out) rounded out the week.

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