Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Now you see it, now you don't!

Winter is gone! Suddenly, it's nice out! It's over 40°F when I wake up in the morning! It rained quite a bit last night, which did a number on the snow and ice and grit in the roads. They're still messy, but much nicer than last week.

Scott and I managed to have an incredibly lazy long weekend, barely moving from the couch. We went to CrossFit on Sunday morning (which was fantastic), made carrot hummus and parsnip cake, and brought them to Peter and Bethany's for dinner. We played Scrabble and bought plane tickets to Las Vegas for our climbing/rafting adventure. I finished my book (The Manticore, by Robertson Davies) and did my taxes.

Fun stuff this week:
Tuesday - CrossFit, which was almost as much fun as Sunday's class.
Wednesday - Coppi's, for a belated Valentine's Day dinner.
Thursday - Ultimate pick-up
Friday - Twelfth Night. One of my teammates is performing in it!

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