Monday, June 26, 2006

Rain, rain, and more rain

Friday -
Thankfully, it didn't rain Friday night. I hosted Charles' going-away party, and most of the team came over for it. We had bread and beer in honor of Charles' yeast studies, which he'll be pursuing in a PhD program, and we stenciled jerseys with an "H.R. Hucknstuf" logo so that we can wear them at Potlatch this weekend. A very nice evening.

Saturday -
Scott and I went to the Phillips Collection in the afternoon. It was fantastic. The "Klee and America" show was neat, and I also really enjoyed the "Celebration of Masterworks" exhibit they had up. Lunch at Baja Fresh, and then he went back to his office, and I went down to the Reflecting Pool fields for a scrimmage with WonderBred. It was warm, but it felt good to be outside running around. At 6, Scott and I reunited at my office, where we researched grad school programs for a few hours before enjoying dinner at Coppi's.

Sunday -
It started storming sometime during the very early morning, and so I got to listen to thunder and pounding rain as I drifted in and out of conciousness. It rained all morning, and even though it stopped around noon, the fields were waterlogged enough to cancel our 2 pm BRDM practice. I took the opportunity to read my latest New Yorker and call my parents, who had just arrived for a week's vacation at the cabin and were enjoying sunny, 70° weather.

At 4:30, Alexia picked me up and we headed out to the BRDM barbecue, graciously hosted by Jess and Kevin. I got to offload the beer that had been left at my house on Friday, and we watched (1) the USA Rock Paper Scissors championships on A&E and (2) Ultimate Frisbee games from the '70s and '80s... back when people didn't throw forehands and the stall count was to 15 and the fashion was terrible. Pretty amusing.

Alexia and I took off around 8:30, and it took us two hours to get home! I don't know if I've ever been in rain that heavy before. DC issued a flash flood warning, which I realized was obviously warranted when we saw an ambulance and fire truck doing a water rescue - the ambulance was pulling a boat on a trailer, and the men were wearing life jackets and kayaking helmets. Apparently, people were stuck in their cars in some places.

The carpet inside my front door often gets soggy after a hard rain, because the drain outside is slightly clogged. But when I walked in last night, there was a puddle an inch deep on my living room floor. (Fortunately, it didn't ruin any of my stuff. No books or photographs or computers or anything got wet.) Poor Scott returned home to a basement flooded with water and mud, and they were all up late cleaning it up.

Monday -
The indoor puddle was gone when I woke up this morning, but the carpet is still wet enough that when you walk across it, a little puddle forms around your shoe. Ick. DC issued another flash flood warning for this afternoon, and there have been a few more bouts of heavy rain since I've been writing this. It will take at least a week for my floor to dry out.

Inconvenient, but sort of exciting. And listening to all of this rain is nice.

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RHL said...

We left a bit later.. Jason called us fromt he road saying he went through a puddle that carried his car over a lane.. so when Michelle and I left, we knew what Lane to be in on the toll road. However, when getting off the ramp at Rt. 7, the puddle after the toll booth was deep enough that the water went up over her hood, and the car just crawled through before stopping due to the stopping forces of a puddle that big.. it was CRAZY.. (but yeah.. kinda fun :)