Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A heckuva hectic hour.

Last night was hectic, but then it got better. I got home around 5:15. My living room smelled bad, because Elsa's litter box hadn't been changed all weekend. My room smelled bad, because the weekend's wet clothing was all over the floor. My bathroom smelled bad, because, well, it always does these days. I think there's a dead mouse in the vent.
I practiced violin first, because I promised myself that if I had time to go climbing (which I wanted to do later on), then I'd better make time for violin too. But I had too much on my mind and felt too crunched for time for it to be as enjoyable as usual. I'm glad I did it though. Then I cleaned the litter box and brought the trash and recycling out to the garage. Then Elsa escaped into the backyard, snuck into the neighbor's yard via the hole that Dublin keeps digging, and couldn't be convinced to come back. Then I gathered up the trucks, books and sneaker that the neighbor kid had thrown from his deck into our backyard. Then I realized that I was tracking dog shit into the house. I cleaned up the carpet and my shoe to the best of my ability... which didn't amount to much, at least on my shoe. It was pretty potent poo. Then I wrote a note to Ross, asking him to keep the back door open, in hopes of Elsa's return. Then it was 6:15, so I grabbed my bag and left for climbing. Uf da.

Happily, all of the hectic stuff of the day was condensed into that hour. I had a great night climbing. I'm getting better at using smaller holds, and 5.8's felt just a little bit easier... but maybe that's just because Scott was there to encourage me. We got back to Delafield around 11, at strawberry pie, and went to bed.

Tonight's post-work chores include picking up my sister's paycheck, a tabata workout, some laundry and vacuuming, and maybe some violin. Then Team Dinner Party is coming over and we're making pizza! Yay!

Elsa did, by the way, return of her own volition 6 hours later. Thank goodness.

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