Monday, June 05, 2006

Mixed Easterns Nostalgia! Already!

The worst part about tournaments is having them over and done with. You're not running around, catching or throwing, cutting or marking. And you don't get to look forward to those things. Instead, you're at your desk thinking, "That's one less tournament I get to go to this summer. I have to wait FOUR weeks until the next one. Did I really take advantage of the chance to play this weekend?"

I'll stop being mopey in a moment, but I feel I should document the physical unpleasantness of the weekend. It started on Friday, when our flight from Baltimore to Boston was delayed four hours. We spent two hours in the airport, because of bad weather in Boston. And then we boarded and spent two hours on the runway, because of mechanical problems. We shared these four hours with fifty eighth-graders returning home after a week-long school trip to DC. Fortunately, they were pretty well-behaved and more entertaining than annoying. And fortunately, there were a bunch of BRDM-ers in the airport to hang out with. Still, we landed in Boston around midnight and didn't get to bed until 1:30 or so. Saturday was unpleasant because it rained all day long, and the temperature didn't get above 60°F all day long. We were soaking wet. Enough said. Sunday was a compromise between Friday and Saturday. Still chilly, but not as wet. Still got to bed late (12:30), but at least the flight was on time.

On to the good parts (which are always so much harder to articulate and write about!)
I got to play 7 games with a team I love against fun, spirited teams. I have a lot to work on, but I'm mostly happy with how I played. I think this goes for the team as well. We managed to play in the A bracket on Sunday, and broke seed, finishing 13th instead of 16th (I think).

A huge thank-you to Rob's mom for hosting all 20 of us. She cooked us all kinds of amazing food (the highlights being chili and barbequed chicken) and helped us get cleaned up and dried off when we returned from the fields. (I can't imagine trying to deal with all of our wet stuff in a hotel room - we probably would have suffocated.)
Thanks also to our illustrious captains for their leadership and encouragement on the field and their organization off the field. Thanks to Rob and Michelle for driving me to and from Baltimore, and thanks to Rachel for doing laundry.

Sad I'm missing Poultry Days. Can't wait for Potlatch.

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