Friday, June 02, 2006

Potential Energy. Potential Career.

I'm hoping that a nice, active weekend will make up for what felt like a lazy, low-energy week. I was sick on Monday and Tuesday, so yoga and BRDM practice didn't go so well. Wednesday's climbing excursion with Scott and Nina was fun, and Thursday's practice felt more productive. But I haven't gone to the gym or done a sprint workout this week... and I'm not doing anything today. I feel so antsy... too much pent-up energy. Maybe that's why I couldn't sleep last night. Maybe I can transfer all of this energy to the tournament this weekend. I'm leaving for the airport by 3:00 today, arriving in Boston by 7:30 tonight, and cleating up by 8:00 tomorrow morning.

Looking forward to:
- Lots of running around
- Nice, soft fields. These are the fields where I played my first tournament ever, during my sophomore year at Wellesley. It was the first time I had ever worn cleats, and I still remember how sharp they made my movements. No more skidding around on sneakers. A huge lightbulb - so THIS is why cleats exist!
- Team bonding. It's a great team.
- More running around.

My latest career musings... I'm thinking of studying graphic design. Or website design? I don't know much about these fields at all. User interface? Information architecture? Abstract art? I don't quite know where to start. I'll keep mulling. Input/advice always welcome!

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FOL said...

Libby, you should talk to Marion Lansky when you're home, she's decided that her graphic design work needed to go to web design and has been teaching herself that medium.