Thursday, June 22, 2006

Farewell Elsa!

So many good-byes this week. I went to a good-bye dinner for Jess and Nate on Tuesday, and Aaron and I are hosting a good-bye party for Charles tomorrow. Last night, I said good-bye to Elsa, the cat I've been fostering for just over four months now. She's going to a husband and wife from Louisiana who were also displaced by Katrina and whose 14-year-old tortoise-shell cat just died. The wife in particular was really excited to get Elsa - it seems like she was trying to replace her old cat. She kept exclaiming how much Elsa looked like her. And she kept cradling Elsa so she was on her back with her feet sticking up in the air, even though Elsa was obviously struggling to escape. She much prefers sitting on laps than being picked up.

It was a little hard to watch, but I'm sure this couple will give Elsa a much better life than she's had so far. I'm not home nearly enough to give her the attention she needs and wants. Really, it's a relief to have her gone, since I felt like I was only cleaning up after her and never got to enjoy the benefits of cat ownership - petting and getting curled up on. Still, I woke up a couple times last night vaguely worrying about her and wondering what small space she found to hide in while she's adjusting to her new house.

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