Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Watch TV tonight!

Tonight's the re-airing of "Down the Rabbit Hole," the CSI: NY episode that takes place in Second Life, that the Electric Sheep helped create and that launched the virtual experience project that I've been working on for the past 9 months.

It's on at 10 pm ET/PT. (9 pm in MN.) Watch it! It's fun!
The CSIs are called to the garment district and arrive to find a beautiful Jane Doe in punked-out plastic hair and S&M couture with a bullet in her head. After running her picture through the databases, the team gets a hit on an unlikely source: It turns out the victim's real-life picture is a match to a popular Avatar in Second Life. In order to track down her killer, the CSIs must create their own Avatars and descend into Second Life's "grid" where they are lead on a wild ride. While collecting virtual evidence and concrete evidence in the real world they ultimately discover they're after a contract killer who has a hit on a congressman and time is running out.

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