Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hard to believe a whole week's gone by since I last blogged... here's the recap.

On Wednesday, I got some bad news, so I made Scott go on a date with me after my Poi class. He was very supportive, and we shared a terrific Belgian beer (Maredsous 10, if you know your Belgians), and I felt much better.

On Thursday, we went to Aslihan's to celebrate her birthday. I brought fresh bread, which was quickly eaten. Kelly brought chocolate cake and someone else brought port. A terrific evening.

On Friday, I went climbing with Scott and felt great - strong and graceful.

On Saturday, we played pick-up in the wind, worked from a coffee shop, and went to Jay's birthday celebration - MORE chocolate cake and Belgian beer!

Today was quiet. We worked from Mishka's in the morning, played Scrabble during lunch, took an afternoon nap, and cooked some very tasty acorn noodles for dinner.

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