Thursday, March 27, 2008

Recent recipes

We've been cooking some good things this week that I wanted to report on.

On Monday night, we had Peter and Amy over to play games. (We just bought a card game called "Gloom" and a board game called "Save Doctor Lucky," and Peter and Amy are game buffs - good guinea pigs for new games.) For dinner, we served wheat berry-stuffed winter squash. We overcooked the squash a little, and it dried out, but it's a good recipe. We marinated some asparagus and roasted it, and used the leftover marinade to fry up some tofu. I also baked the fourth loaf of the 5-minute bread. The dough had started to ferment a little bit, we think, but it ended up having a really wonderful flavor. I'm going to start letting my bread dough "age" more often. We had the last of the rhubarb crunch for dessert - it was a big hit.

Yesterday for lunch, we used the first of our Easter eggs and made Mark Bittman's shrimp deviled eggs - delicious! There was a lot of yolk mixture, so we had some of it in the egg whites and the rest on toast. Lovely.

This morning, I invented an oatmeal pudding. We like our steel-cut oats in the morning, but they tend to leave us feeling hungry after a few hours. I cooked a half cup of oats according to package directions (next time I'll use less water though) and then added two eggs and ¾ cup of milk (mixed before added to the pot). It's still too early to call, but hopefully the added protein and fat will help the oatmeal stick to our ribs a little better! It definitely tasted good.

Tonight, if I'm lucky, Scott will make the mole he's been talking about for months... we shall see!

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Scott McNiven said...

If you're lucky.... Or I might make pepian.