Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Experimental College

Last quarter, I took three courses through the Experimental College at UC Davis: belly dancing, yoga and poi (aka fire spinning or fire dancing). They were fantastic, so I'm excited about signing up for spring quarter classes. Here's one that caught my eye and that I'll definitely be enrolling in:
Kitty Kindergarden
In this course, cat owners will gain a better understanding of the types of early experiences that kittens need in order become sociable with both guests as well as other household pets. They will learn techniques that can be used on both kittens and adult cats to teach felines to accept handling, get along with people and other pets, urinate only in their litter box, to play nicely instead of scratching and biting their human housemates, and to keep entertained playing with appropriate objects rather than destroying the house. ... Kittens for this hands-on class will be provided; how-ever, owners can also bring kittens that are under the age of 14 weeks and have received at least 2 vaccinations. (Emphasis mine.)

Now, I'm off to the last poi class of the quarter - the one where we actually get to light our poi on fire! Don't worry Mom, there's a lengthy fire-safety lecture included, and we've been instructed to wear hats "if you like your hair."

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