Sunday, February 17, 2008

Two beautiful outings

A hike and a ballet - not a bad way to spend Saturday!

Kelly and I hiked the Blue Ridge Trail to Fiske Peak, which is in the Cache Creek Canyon Regional Park. It was wonderful to be outside all day long. I'm still learning to appreciate the dry California landscape, but it's definitely growing on me. (I think Boundary Waters landscapes - green trees, blue sky and water, grey rocks - will always be my favorites.)

I got home around 4:30, spent some time rejuvenating, and then Scott and I went to see the St. Petersburg Ballet perform Romeo and Juliet.

It was more modern than I expected (They used Prokofiev's score; I assumed it would be Tchaikovsky.), but once I got warmed up to it, I loved it. Juliet was incredible, as were her nurse and Tybalt (even though his costume reminded me of Spiderman). And I loved the choreography for the corps. A wonderful night.

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