Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Parents meet parents!

I still haven't written much about the recent Parental Summit, when Scott's parents and my parents all got together out here in Davis to meet each other and take their favorite children out to eat. Besides all the good food and excellent company, here are the highlights:

  • Walking through the arboretum, examining cork and olive and eucalyptus trees, along with the big white head sculptures sprinkled liberally through campus.

  • All four parents arriving at our house with Chinese takeout and getting to spend time with them during an otherwise very busy day.

  • Showing the parents Virtual CSI: NY.

  • Scott's explanation of why his building is the Death Star.

  • Highlights from Saturday in San Francisco

  • Mid-morning pastries from the oldest Chinese bakery in San Francisco, and an evening stop at a Chinese grocery for tiny dried fish, little dried mussels, large dried mushrooms and unusual tea.

  • Biking across Golden Gate Bridge. I saw an otter below, and the pelicans were soaring so close above our heads that we could see their sagging gular sacs.

  • Seeing the bridge itself at such an intimate level and pace.

  • Reading "DEATH MONSTERS AHEAD" on the bike path, just before a street cut across.

  • Browsing City Lights Bookstore, convincing my mom to buy On Writing Well, and picking up E. B. White's The Elements of Style for myself.

  • Deciding not to rush home to Davis that night, and relaxing over a nice dinner with my parents instead.

  • Using my new book to determine correct punctuation in conjunction with parentheses while waiting for our food to arrive.

  • Not checking e-mail, and feeling like I had a real vacation day, far away from Davis.
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