Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Many, many good things

A gorgeous ride to work this morning. I don't get quite the same views as I did on the ride to Walter Reed, but biking during sunrise is hard to beat. The days are getting shorter and cooler. I'm sad that summer is ending, but I'm suddenly excited for fall. We have two tournaments coming up. Regionals is in two weeks, and then Pada Mosh is in November. We had Sectionals last weekend, and it was a great tournament for us. We went 3 and 1 on Saturday, winning (and losing) our games decisively. We went 1 and 1 on Sunday and had much better, closer, tighter games. We came in 3rd overall, which is awesome; we broke seed. Our roster is big enough that no one gets a ton of playing time, which is pretty frustrating. But I'm happy with how I played, and I'm happy with how our team played, and I'm happy to be a member of such a positive, enthusiastic, supportive team.

Look, I can catch!
(Many thanks to Kevin and Caryn for taking pictures this weekend!)

More good stuff on the horizon: Scott and I bought our Christmas and Thanksgiving tickets yesterday. I'm spending Turkeyday with his family, and he's coming to Duluth for a few days after Christmas! I get to spend a solid 10 days at home this winter. Yay Duluth!

(One of my favorite photos from

Other stuff I feel like reporting...
Liz and Scott and Grant and I saw This Film is Not Yet Rated on Monday. Pretty good; it makes me want to go see more independent films. Like Jesus Camp. Has anyone heard of this?

I was thinking of doing a track workout last night, since I haven't done one since sometime in July... but I practiced my violin instead. It felt wonderful, even though I still don't have a shoulder rest. Arrgh.

Yesterday was Talk Like a Pirate Day! ARRRGH!

The sign at the church by my house says "Go out on a limb. That's where the fruit is." Hear hear. But which limb?

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