Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ta Daaaa!

All my stuff is at Delafield! We made great time - an hour to deliver the beds, two and a half hours to load the truck, and less than an hour to unload it. (Many thanks to Jay for his help!) We were in bed by 11.

It definitely feels like my stuff is invading Scott's room, rather than it being the case that our room needs to be unpacked. I'm definitely looking forward to getting things straightened out tomorrow and over the weekend.

I'd tackle it tonight, but I get to go to BRDM practice instead, in our *beautifully* cooled-down weather. It's gorgeous outside! We're starting to revamp our warm-ups at practice. The typical jog around the field followed by 10 minutes of static stretching just isn't very effective, so I led the team in an active warm-up (basically, the standard Crossfit warm-up), and it went over pretty well. Tonight I'm going to try leading one developed by a trainer in Boston specifically for an Ultimate team. It looks long and complicated, so I think we'll be learning it a few steps at a time. Fun stuff though!

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