Friday, August 04, 2006

Moving. Ugh.

The exciting work news of the week is that our DC office is moving to a new building at the end of August. We’ll be over on 19th Street, between L and M. I’m delighted! It’s a better location (1 block from my gym, 2 blocks from Scott, 3 blocks from Dupont Circle), and I’ll have real office furniture – i.e. drawers to put things in a desk to spread out on. Jonah and I won’t be working on top of each other anymore! My view won’t be as interesting – another building instead of the entrance to the Hilton – but at least I’ll still have a window and natural light.

First, though, I have to/get to move into Delafield. I’m excited, but I’m already feeling a little stressed by how much there is to do. And I don’t even have that much stuff! I just hate packing. I suddenly have a much greater respect for those people I’ve helped move in this past year.

Other stuff…
Last night was the first BRDM practice after a month-long hiatus. I’d only played once since Potlatch. My throws were rusty, and it was super hot out, but besides that I felt really good, and not too out of shape. My left hamstring felt too tight, but it’s better today. It’s just something I need to keep an eye on, warm up properly beforehand, and stretch out adequately afterwards.
We had a nice big group dinner at Froggy Bottom afterwards. We were sitting outside (under an awning) when the storm broke and our heat wave finally came to an end. Today is still warm, but much more comfortable than yesterday.

Tonight I get to have dinner with Team Dinner Party. I’m bringing the cold cucumber soup, and we’re going to grill things!

That’s it. Have a good weekend!


RHL said...

For those readers that were not at said practice, I can say that Ms Libby looked not that rusty at all.. made some great catches and had high energy.. I saw very little let off from before the break.. which is kick ass.
As is grilling :)
And being caught in that rain storm with my top down.. but I got it up pretty fast when the lightening hit the bridge I was driveing under...

Armand said...

1. I heard 2 reports of rain in NW last nite, but it didn't rain at all on 4th St. SE.
2. Thanks for the video! For some reason, when I search youtube, what I find is rather lame. That one has been viewed 775,000 times, but I had missed it.
3. Let me know if you need help moving.