Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday morning state of mind.

From today's Writer's Almanac:
It's the birthday of short-story writer Andre Dubus, (books by this author) born in Lake Charles, Louisiana (1936). He wrote stories about regular people like bartenders, mechanics, and waitresses in collections such as The Cage Keeper and Other Stories (1989) and Dancing after Hours (1996). In 1986, after publishing several books of short stories, Dubus stopped to help a woman and a man stranded on the side of the highway, and he was hit by a passing car. He saved the woman's life by throwing her out of the way, but he lost one of his legs and spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair. He said, "Some of my characters now feel more grateful about simple things—breathing, buying groceries, sunlight, because I do." He also said, "We don't have to live great lives, we just have to understand and survive the ones we've got."
I feel good today. Put-together. Scott and I spent last night unpacking and getting our room in order, and even though there's still a lot to do, it makes a huge difference. I feel like I belong there now. I went to pilates this morning, and it's only 71°F out, and Edith Piaf is on the radio.

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