Sunday, August 06, 2006

Moving - progress report

Yesterday was good and hard and productive and disgusting and extremely satisfying.

Scott and I spent the morning cleaning up Chez Limon, straightening things up so it looks nice for prospective renters. I started some of the deep cleaning and packed up one big duffle bag full of clothes that I won't need for a few more months. Around two o'clock, I headed up to Delafield, where Scott and Jay were purging the basement storage spaces. They managed to extract a moldy old couch that had been stuck down there for years. They got to attack it with crowbars. Pretty cathartic.

Then we attacked the garage, which was full of past residents' moldy books, moldy furniture, moldy clothing, and plenty of evidence of rat infestation - scurrying noises, nests, feces, and a headless carcass. We pulled out tons of junk and organized the rest. It was a pretty amazing transformation. I wish I had brought my camera along for "before" and "after" pictures. The junk will all get picked up on Monday, as will two living room chairs, since we're replacing them with the chairs from my apartment. (Praise be to 1-800-GOT-JUNK).

I think we finished around 7:30, at which point I finally got to shower, and Scott and I sat down to a lovely salmon and curried vegetable dinner. We stayed awake just long enough to watch Steve Martin in The Jerk, and then slept soundly.

Today's the day to pack up my room. Monday night I'll do the kitchen. Tuesday night we're renting a truck, so we'll move things then or Wednesday morning. I think all of my furniture has a home, except for the futon. Seems like the market's saturated with futons these days.

A quick cooking note - beets are great! We included them in our dinner last night, and they dyed the whole dish red. It was beautiful, so I want to cook more stuff with them. Coincidentally, I got a letter from Robin last week that included a recipe for a beet pancake! I'll let you know how it is... when I get around to making it. It's not exactly a top priority these days.

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