Monday, June 11, 2007

Sunday, odds and ends

Last night I slept in my own room again, for the first time since February. It was wonderful. I had forgotten what a great bedroom it is. Rather than 2 big glass doors plus 2 windows, its got one small window that faces the neighbor's house. It's a little depressing during the day, but at night it's dark (no streetlights, no headlights), quiet (no sirens from Georgia Ave., no housemates, no creaky floors) and cool. It's dirty - partly because Scott's and my stuff is in bags and piles all over the floor, and partly because the rest of the basement is still under construction, so there's lots of dust and dirt getting tracked all over - but it's good to get settled in again.

Even though Scott left for Guatemala in the morning, it was still a good day overall. A productive morning and an athletic afternoon. I went through most of my clothes and separated them into (1) will wear this summer, (2) won't wear until the winter, and (3) won't wear ever again... the first stages of packing for California. I'm not looking forward to leaving DC, but I am excited about moving to Davis.

At 3, I left for frisbee - my first tryout for the women's team Pi. I've been feeling less than enthusiastic about Ultimate lately. I'm hoping that's just because I haven't latched on to a team yet. Pi seems like a great group of women, and I had a good time playing with them, so I hope it turns out to be a good season.

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