Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saturday morning.

Not too much to report, but I'll report it anyways. I made pretty good progress yesterday on nailing down apartments to visit when Scott and I are in Davis next week. I've got a color-coded map, a spreadsheet with time, locations and contact info... Now we just need to actually find an apartment to live in.

I'm learning how to be a producer for the Electric Sheep now. It involves working much longer hours, but despite that I'm liking it a lot. Getting to do more interesting and challenging work is definitely rewarding.

Today, I'm off to a full day of ultimate. From 11-2 I'm going to tryouts for the top women's team in the area. I don't expect to make the cut, but it should be 3 hours of high-quality ultimate. After that, I've got two back-to-back league games scheduled.

Scott's doing well in Guatemala. Lots of work, as always, but it sounds like things are coming along and that they're learning a lot. One of his friends down there is in culinary school, so today he gets to go to a demonstration of cooking styles from all over the country!

That's it. Aside from missing my traditional Saturday morning Scrabble game, I'm happy.

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