Saturday, May 19, 2007

Plumbing adventures, and other stuff this week.

A good week overall.
On Monday, Scott got home safe and sound and smoky-smelling from his Colorado adventure.

On Tuesday, I ran home from work, only to discover that the plumber had turned off the water and I couldn't shower.

On Wednesday, Scott and I joined Nick and Johanna at a Dan Bern and Todd Snider concert at the Birchmere. Fun people to spend time with, and really fun musicians to hear. Dan Bern sang "Tiger Woods", which is the only song of his that I knew before the concert. Definitely fun to hear that one, and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the concert as well.

On Thursday, we had Aaron and Jess and Ann over for dinner. We barbecued for the first time this year! Jess made tasty burgers, Ann brought gazpacho, Joe provided fancy beer, and Scott assembled fancy little vegetable kebabs. And there was more plumbing excitement on Thursday! Neither shower was working, and the washing machine was filling so slowly that each load took at least two hours. Thank goodness the toilets and the kitchen sink are in good repair.

On Friday, Aunt Flury called to let me know that Da (her father-in-law) died that morning. He was born in Lincoln, England and never lost his accent, even after living with my aunt and uncle for years in the US. He was charming to the end, known as the ladies' man at the assisted living home he had been moved to. He had been declining for several years and finally succumbed to pneumonia. A wonderful man. Sad to see him gone. I trust he's in a much better place now.

Today, I spent three hours on the polo fields at round two of tryouts for a women's team. Terrific weather... just a tad windy. I was flattered and surprised to have been asked back, and tried to just have fun and run hard (and not get nervous). Met Scott for a snack afterwards, and then we both got our hair cut. My first haircut in... a year? I honestly can't remember the last time, but it feels good. And I got a scalp massage! If anyone's looking for a good, cheap place, Eurospa gets two thumbs up from me. I laid on the grass in Dupont and read for a little while before heading home.
I'm home now, and happy to report that our showers, both of them, are fully functioning.

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