Saturday, November 29, 2008

Call for kitten names!

As many of you know, Scott and I are getting a kitten this Christmas! A hypoallergenic Siberian cream and white tabby, like this one:

We were thinking that a Siberian name would be good. For instance, Numi - the supreme god or father god of the Ob-Ugrian peoples in Siberia. Or Taiga, which is the world's largest biome, is characterized by coniferous forests, and happens to cover Siberia and northern Minnesota. Taiga has the added bonus of sounded like a bad-ass version of Tiger. "Tigah!"

But then again, Mr. Scratchy Pants would make a pretty great name, in honor of Mr. Splashy Pants, a humpback whale in the South Pacific Ocean who's being tracked with a satellite tag by Greenpeace. (The Wikipedia article is really worth reading if you haven't heard of Mr. Splashy Pants before.)

What do you think? Have any better ideas? Send us your ideas for names (or post them in the comments), and in a few weeks we'll put it all up for a vote on the world wide web!

- Libby & Scott


Cecilia said...

I like Mr. Scratchy Pants! Barring that, I like Taiga.

btw, I'm five_virtues on twitter - I found you somehow sometime and didn't know if the direct message got to you. Please let me know if you're in SF anytime and want to hang out!

Anonymous said...

I think you should consider Puff Two in honor of the first Puff who was such a great cat. You could spell it pufto or something like that. Mom

Anonymous said...

In the tradition of providing names with an attitude, like Shackleton, I'm behind Taiga! Dad

Libby said...

Time to vote!