Monday, September 01, 2008

What to do with a bunch of toasted hotdog buns?

At a recent barbecue, we toasted some buns to go with our brats. But they got forgotten, and everyone happily munched on the brats straight up. We dutifully preserved the toasted buns in the freezer, and tonight they made for an excellent bread pudding. We followed this recipe pretty roughly, so that we had the right ratios of bread, eggs, milk and veggies, and the right oven time and temperature. But we used the vegetables we happened to have on hand (a leek, two zucchinis, some weird "climbing spinach", and a can of Green Giant mushrooms that's been languishing in the cupboard since the Minnesota Party). Highly recommended!

In other news, we had a great Labor Day weekend. It was great to see the Gruver/Kelly clan on Thursday, and Mavis and Maya were extremely gracious hosts - as always. Scott and I spent most of Thursday at the SF MOMA, checking out the Frida Kahlo exhibit, the Lee Miller exhibit, and (my favorite) selections from their permanent exhibit. We met up with a friend from Scott's Grinnell days and drank very girly (sweet, pink, and stiff) cocktails on a rooftop deck. Then we headed west to have dinner with some Amherst friends at an excellent Italian wine bar.

I played in a tournament on Saturday and Sunday. Not nearly as exciting as the Best Tournament Ever two weeks ago in Chico, but it was good to play. And I hardly got sunburnt!

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