Monday, May 05, 2008

More Turkish stuff!

Here's my first batch of photos! They're arranged thematically, not geographically or chronologically, and represent a smattering of the art and architectural details I noticed.

(Click the Play button above to watch the slideshow, or click here to go to the album.)

I made Scott an approximation of a Turkish breakfast yesterday. We sliced the fresh tomatoes and cucumber we'd found at the farmer's market, added some fresh cheese (it was Mexican queso fresco, but close enough) and black olives and toast (no simit, sadly) and brewed a pot of the black Turkish tea I brought home. Lovely.

For dinner, we broke out the spice grinder I bought at the Spice Market in Istanbul. It only cost 6 YTL (about $4.50) so I was happy to discover that it works really well! We ground up cloves, cardamom and black pepper for our red lentil dal.

We have some lamb from the farmers market in the freezer, so we'll have to do something Turkish with that for dinner sometime this week!

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