Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Great wedding, great weather, great excitment!

Mea culpa, I've been miserable about blogging lately. I've been busy with lots of stuff that shouldn't go on a blog this public, but all in all, life is excellent.

On the travel front:
I was in Minnesota last week for my cousin Lisa's wedding! I spent a few days in Duluth shopping and walking the Lakewalk with my mom, eating venison for supper and sour cherry crunch for dessert (which is nearly as good as rhubarb crunch) and generally enjoying being home. The wedding, held in Minneapolis, was terrific. Excellent locations, beautiful ceremony, and a fantastic band - they had everyone dancing and begging for an encore when they took their leave at 1 a.m. I wish Scott could have been there - partly because I missed him, and partly so that he could witness the Slick family in full force. I loved dancing with all of my cousins and aunts and second cousins. (Rumor has it there will be another Slick Christmas at the Yukon Palace this year... I sure hope so.)

The only hard part about Minnesota was the weather - it was cold (just above freezing), windy and raining/sleeting/snowing just about every day I was there. I returned home to California where it was a dry 85. Enough said.

This Saturday, I'm leaving for Turkey! I'll meet up with my parents in Minneapolis, and the three of us will travel together to Istanbul, where we'll meet up with my Aunt Flury and Uncle Mel, and then we'll meet up with my sister! I haven't done nearly enough background reading. Good thing I have some long flights coming up, right? I expect to be checking email every few days and will do my best to post some updates here.

And now for your regularly-scheduled kitchen adventure updates.

This is not, I grant you, the most photogenic dinner. Nor is it a halfway decent photograph. But it was an adventure worth documenting - one of those "necessity is the mother of invention" kind of dinners. The kabocha squash had been languishing in the fruit basket for weeks, and I felt kind of sorry for it. I'd picked up fresh salmon from the grocery store that needed to get eaten, and we had a few cups of cooked amaranth in the fridge. We nuked the squash, mixed the amaranth with curry powder and stuffed it in the squash, nestled the salmon on top, and popped it in a hot oven for a few minutes. Not bad! Not great, but a good starting point for next time.

If you want a great recipe, try this curried eggplant soup. I microwaved the eggplant instead of roasting it, to save some time. We made this earlier this week, and it's definitely going into my "tried and true" recipe folder!

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