Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Prometheus Bound, Fools Fest, Flashdance

This morning's thunderstorm woke me up around 3:30, and I was too excited to get back to sleep, so I'm in the kitchen enjoying the storm and feeling glad that I got to see the cherry blossoms last night; this rain will knock all the petals off the trees. My flight to Italy leaves at 5:50 this evening!

New York was fantastic. Besides seeing lots of Sheep and getting energized about our work, I got to hang out with Lisa and then with Kate - she and Scott and I went to see Scott's sister Julie in Prometheus Bound. The play is difficult, but Julie and the rest of the cast are superb. Julie even got a positive review in The New Yorker!

I got back to DC on Thursday night and left for Fools Fest on Friday morning - the first tournament of the season. I played on a women's team, SARS, that didn't do very well (to be specific, we came in seeded 12th out of 12 on Sunday morning), but it was a great group, and it felt good to play women's rather than coed. I played a few games with Scott's coed team, which was definitely fun and also reinforced my preference for women's Ultimate.

We all got back to DC on Sunday afternoon. Scott and I played Scrabble.

On Monday, I watched Flashdance for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt like I was catching up on a big piece of cultural literacy.

On Tuesday, I did a running/plyos/jumping/core workout with about 6 other Ultimate players. Gorgeous weather, glimpses of cherry blossoms.

My flight for Italy leaves in 12 hours!

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