Sunday, April 08, 2007

Another Paga update

A quick Paga update.

We lost both of our games on Saturday, by pretty wide margins. Arrgh. The theme of that night's party was Hollywood, and our team decided to go as red carpets. Not a very obvious costume (lots of red lingerie) but easy. Some of the other teams had *amazing* costumes - Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Clockwork Orange, film crews, the Hollywood sign... great stuff. I went to bed "early" (2 am) and woke up "early" as well (9 am).

We lost our first two games today, and then won the third. It felt good, but it was another 13-2 win over the same team we beat that way on Friday... so not very exciting. I wandered past the massage tent and was amazed to find that there was no line, so I got a terrific free massage from a very friendly masseur. I told him my neck hurt from last night, and he demanded to know the name of the guy who did it to me. I explained that I had been alone, that I'd just slept on it funny, and he asked me my room number. Very good natured, not creepy, oh-so Italian. It was a great massage - all kinds of neck and spine cracks, and right on the sideline of the Arena, so we could take in the semifinal men's game at the same time.

We'll play 1 game tomorrow and then watch finals and drink beer. I'm off to Venice to meet up with the rest of Team Italy on Tuesday morning.

All in all, I'm happy and healthy and excited to be here!

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