Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Delafield in transition

Totally exciting - Delafield is having its first-floor windows replaced today. The old ones couldn't be opened, making the place a greenhouse in the summertime (and a sauna during the annual MLK dance party). This event has been long-promised and eagerly anticipated. So even though I'm working from home in a 45°F living room today while the contractors are doing the installations, I'm thrilled to see it going on.

Three of our housemates moved out on Saturday - Peter, Bethany and Seth. They got their own apartments in a building just down the road in Adams Morgan, so we'll still see them regularly. But I'm sad to see them go. They did a lot to make me feel at home here when I moved in, and I love cooking dinner with them. We had lunch at P&B's new apartment on Sunday; it's gorgeous (bay windows every time you turn around!) and in a great neighborhood, so I'm happy for them in that sense. I'll just miss 'em.

We're still trying to new housemates. I recruited a friend of mine who's coming over for a dinner/interview tonight. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everyone likes him, and vice versa!

Next weekend is the annual, incredible MLK party. If you're in DC and haven't heard about it, let me know! It's the time when this mild-mannered commune of ours turns into a seething mass of crazily-attired dancers and revelers. This will be my third MLK. I baked baklava last night for the Sunday night dinner. Not sure yet what I'll wear for the fashion show...

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