Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A creepy play, snowy flowers, and cupcakes!

Sunday was this winter's first really snowy day. We didn't get those nice big lacy flakes, but at least the flurries were persistent enough to leave the ground covered with a couple of inches.

I didn't leave the house until dark, when I hopped on the #70 bus and rode (slowly) down to Chinatown for the Shakespeare Theater's production of Richard III. One of my teammates works for the company, so we get complimentary tickets regularly. Paul and Erin and Bucci joined me for what turned out to be a really creepy show. The set was the first clue - a prison-like composition of dark metal bars, all completely askew. I read the synopsis and was fairly confused by the characters and their politics, so I focused less on the plot of the play than on Richard's extreme creepiness. Not the most enjoyable thing I've seen there, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to see it.

Bucci gave me a lemon chiffon cupcake to eat while I waited for the bus. The ride home was quick and cozy.

By Monday morning, the roads were clean and dry enough to provide a decent bike route to work. It's nice that it finally looks like winter around here. The saddest part was the pansies in the planters down the street from my office. Until now, they've been blooming heartily - bright yellow and violet. Now they look dead - all wilted under the icy snow.

Nine more (long) days until Scott comes home from Guatemala! He's been sick with a pretty bad cold while he's been down there, so every time I talk to him, I just want to make him come home, get in bed and eat chicken noodle soup or lemon chiffon cupcakes or something.

My last random note - I'm planning a trip to Italy this spring! Paul, Jay and Bucci are signed on as well, and I'm crossing my fingers that Scott can come too. I'm very excited.

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