Friday, July 14, 2006

Niceties of the week.

Tuesday was nice, because Scott and I went climbing after work. I was feeling pretty tired and weak when we arrived, and he was nauseous from the long, hot metro ride. But we ended up having a really great night there! I climbed 5.8's more easily than I ever have in the past, and I started into 5.9's. I was quite pleased with myself. I think I must have learned a lot from climbing outdoors... like how to trust small holds. I felt much more aggressive/confident than I have in a while. It was so much fun!
Tuesday continued to be nice, because we arrived home to find that my apartment contained brand new carpet and, wonder of wonders, brand new linoleum in the kitchen! (Up until now, there's been carpet in the kitchen. Stupid.) The place still smells like it's full of new carpeting, but I can't complain. It's much better than it smelling like toxic death mold.

Wednesday was nice because we had a little dinner party. I made a lovely cucumber soup that I got in an e-mail from Lynne Rossetto Kasper's weekly Splendid Table "Weeknight Kitchen" e-mail. Usually I just daydream of getting around to making her recipes, so it was fun to finally do one! It was even more fun to hang out with Scott, Liz, Jack and a pair of Danes staying at Delafield. Jack brought some amazing chocolate-flavored mint from his garden that Liz mixed with french vanilla yogurt and served over fruit salad. Fantastic!

Thursday was nice because we're having a company meeting here, and I finally got to meet a bunch of sheep I've been working with for a while but have only known via e-mail or Second Life. We're a great group of people, and it makes me that much more excited to be working with them.

Friday is pretty nice so far. My U-lock broke this morning, but I had a nice breakfast with Scott and a nice workout at the gym where I decided that I need to improve my form on deadlifts to prevent top-of-the-knee bruises. It's muggy out, but I like it. (I probably wouldn't like it if I didn't have an air-conditioned office to retreat to.)

Tomorrow I get to go to Scotts Run (no relation to the bf) for a picnic, hike and swim. I'm very excited!

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