Friday, July 21, 2006

Exuberant for no particular reason.

I guess most of my posts are more interesting to me than to anyone else, since I'm just talking about myself, but I'll warn you that this post is probably particularly boring to anyone who's not me, because I basically write about two dreams that I had, and it's never as interesting to hear about someone else's dream as it is to talk about how crazy your own dream was. You have been warned.

This morning I had one of the most joyful dreams I can remember. It started off at home in Duluth, where I was asking my mom what she wanted for her birthday. I suggested a new journal to write in, but she said what she really wanted was the diary she had written in as a child. It had gone missing, but she thought it might be at the library, because she had donated a bunch of books there a while back. (During this exchange, I opened up my dad's journal, to see if he needed a new one, and was pleasantly surprised to find it filled with beautiful caligraphy that he had been practicing.)

So I went to the library, and started looking through the shelves for a little book with a black and white photo of a girl and a horse on the cover. Then I realized that the diary wouldn't have a Dewey Decimal number on it, and that thte librarians probably would have put it in the lost and found, not in the stacks. So I went back and asked the guys at the information desk. They looked at me, and then looked at each other and said, "I wonder if...she's the one??" They jumped up and sprinted to the front of the library where the lost and found was. They were so excited! They were screeching and skidding around corners! I ran after them, and sure enough, there was the diary. We were all ridiculously happy.

I had another dream about Duluth on Wednesday - both that one and today's were packed with vibrant imagery and real people and places. Pretty fun.

Wednesday's dream was about Scott visiting Duluth for the first time. We went to see Swan Lake at the DECC and sat next to Robert, the Minnesota Ballet's ballet master. But the auditorium was slowly filling up with water, so we had to move to the balcony after the intermission. We also met Nancy Lokken (my first violin teacher) and my mom, who was catsitting three of my uncle's huge orange tomcats.

It's been a great morning since waking up.
  1. Today's the day we leave for a camping trip!
  2. On the ride to work, there was something in the air, and the way the sun was rising, that reminded me of being at the cabin. I can't wait to go. Maybe I'm homesick, and that's why I'm having all these dreams?
  3. Thomas Circle is paved! It's so nice to have that big, ugly construction site nearing completion!
  4. I faxed in paperwork to enroll in the company's health insurance plan. Finally!
  5. Alissa got accepted as a transfer student to the University of Minnesota's law school! Yaay! I'm so happy for her.

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RHL said...

Dreams are always fun.. even to others :)
Especially to me.. I am still in Germany teaching a class.. except that my luggage got lost a week ago.. and now I have to fill out a form with everythin that was in it.. and no hotel in Germany has AC. yet it's as hot here as it is in DC (acording to so it's ben pretty brutal. Thoughts on fun and good stuf are always welcome!!!!
Have a great camping trip!!