Friday, February 18, 2011

Simple simple truffles

I made truffles as a belated Valentine's gift for Scott. Easy & really good!
Inspired by Mark Bittman.

Heat 7/8 c cream on the stove until it's steaming .(I had half-and-half on hand.)
Stir in 8 oz chocolate until it's melted. (I used half unsweetened and half semisweet.)
Stir in whatever flavors you like. (Rind from half an orange, a teaspoon of rum, a little cinnamon.)

Refrigerate until it's solid.

Scoop out truffle-sized amounts, shape into balls, and roll in cocoa powder (mixed with cinnamon) to coat. Store in the fridge.

I love that it's essentially a 2-ingredient recipe (cream + chocolate) with lots of flexibility!

I also want to try this chocolate custard (1 can coconut milk + 1 cup chocolate chips + flavorings) sometime soon.

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