Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tonight's dinner

Tonight's dinner was part funny and part delicious, so I figured I'd better post it. I made a sort of vegan turducken. Acorn squash stuffed with bell pepper stuffed with tomato stuffed with olives. (Too bad we didn't have pimento-stuffed olives!) Topped it all with olive oil and salt and pepper. Not astoundingly tasty, but a fun way to eat one's veggies!

We also had mini squids from the Sacramento farmer's market - sauteed in a little oil, salted at the table. And we had a classic caprese salad - tomatoes (from our garden!!), spinach, basil, mozzarella, olive oil, salt, pepper. So wonderful. And served using the salad tongs Scott brought me from Uganda.

Hey, Mark Bittman just posted about squid! We'll have to try breading ours next time...

Also, I forgot to mention our dessert: peach blueberry basil ginger pie. There's a little bit of grated apple in there (I heard it helps with texture) and some ground black pepper I added while the basil & ginger were cooking in their sugar solution. Inspired by Mark Bittman's "Foolproof Pie" post. I even have some heavy cream we can whip up to put on top. Yum!

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