Saturday, February 07, 2009

25 Things About Me

(This is a Facebook chain letter.)

1. I really like being 27 years old, because it’s three cubed. Being 29 will be nice too, since it’s the first of a pair of twin primes. I’m not so psyched about turning 28. This year Scott will turn 32, which is very cool – it’s two to the 5th, so when you write it in binary it’s 10,000. I can’t wait til I turn 10,000!
2. I’ve wanted to be a doctor most of my life but didn’t pursue it until I turned 27 that I realized: if I don’t at least try to go to medical school, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.
3. I can clap with one hand.
4. There are three pink things I like. First, pink painted fingernails (mine, in particular). Second, my hot pink shoes from Payless with big pink flowers on the toes. Third, beets, and the way they turn everything they come into contact with magenta… including my pee.
5. I have a terrible memory for faces. I’m pretty good with names.
6. I’m proud of these three things. First, the blue quilt with yellow stars I sewed for myself in high school. Second, the marathon I ran in 4 hours and 20 minutes. Third, the fact that I can do an honest-to-goodness pull-up (2 or 3 in a row on a good day!).
7. One of the most important things I learned at Wellesley is how many ways there are to be a woman.
8. The best part of my day is dinner with Scott. Nearly every night, we cook dinner together, from scratch, and sit down at the dining room table to eat together. We light a candle and pour wine. Scott made time for this ritual all year last year, when he was horrifically busy studying for prelims, and all this winter, when my weird schedule means that most nights I get home from lab or practice after 9pm.
9. I like to pick music that goes with whatever we’re having for dinner. For instance, Bach cantatas go with a frittata.
10. The second best part of my day is my morning ritual – drinking espresso (with frothed milk!) out of Turkish tea glasses with Scott.
11. I’ll wear my grandmother’s wedding dress when I get married next fall! My mom and aunt also wore it, so I’ll be its fourth bride.
12. The thing I miss most about Duluth, besides my family, is Lake Superior.
13. I don’t own a Bundt pan, even though they were invented in Minnesota, and I’m a fan of all things Minnesotan.
14. The thing I miss most about Rome is the pizza. Pizza is my favorite food, and I feel like an 8-year-old when I say that, but it’s completely true.
15. I miss my friends from DC so much, I can’t remember what else I miss!
16. The thing I love most about Davis, besides the people, is the produce.
17. When I go to the gym, I feel great disdain for the people on the treadmills and elliptical trainers and moderate disdain for those on the weight machines. I believe that CrossFit workouts are the absolute best and try not to be too evangelical about it.
18. I’ve dreamt I was dead several times, and I’ve dreamt about our dead pets.
19. I wish I didn’t drool so much when I sleep.
20. I like going to the dentist, because I get such rave reviews of my oral hygiene. I floss at least six days a week. And it doesn’t hurt having overactive salivary glands.
21. I’ve only ever dated ultimate Frisbee players.
22. Someday I’ll layout.
23. Scott is turning me into a lover of board games. Right now Race for the Galaxy is our favorite. But I’m still not so sure about Settlers of Catan.
24. We don’t own a TV, and I don’t miss it, but Scott and I do watch Battlestar Galactica every week at a friend’s house.
25. I keep a ten-year journal. I’m five years into it, so on any given day, I can tell you exactly what I was doing on that day in any year going back to 2004.


sis said...

My favorite food is pizza too. I also feel like an 8 year old admitting this!

Meagan said...

Whoa whoa whoa. YOU'RE A CROSSFITTER, TOO? Libby, I knew you had a special zing that I like ;)