Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Good news & bad news

First, the good news! Scott and I get to move into Solano Park! This is a subsidized apartment complex for UCD students, so we'll be saving $500 per month on rent, and it's even closer to downtown and to campus. Now that both of us are students, this is wonderful news for our bank account.

The bad news is that Solano Park doesn't allow pets. Not even kittens. So we won't be getting a kitten for a few years.


RHL said...

So happy you found cheap housing.. yet so Sad no kitten.. after all the hoping and dreaming... Well.. if you come back to DC anytime and want to play with a puppy instead of a kitty, you are welcome to play with ours! (I know.. not the same.. but figured I'd offer!)

Elle said...

I stumbled across your blog via a Google alert. Congrats on the housing! We had friends who lived in Solano Park; the apartments are tiny but they saved so much in rent. A lot of the residents had cats but kept them outside, which seemed sad to me. If you ever want to go play with kittens for a little while, the Yolo County SPCA is at Petco most Saturday mornings :)