Thursday, October 05, 2006

Old Crow Opportunity Missed

The band was great. The venue was not. I felt claustrophobic and hot, and my body hurt. When I could concentrate on the band, when I caught a glimpse of the fiddler, it was really wonderful. But I couldn't focus on them enough of the time, so I left after their first set, only to have Scott tell me that the second half was absolutely incredible and that I probably could have found more space upstairs. So I sent to sleep disappointed in myself for not sticking it out, I tossed and turned, and I woke up feeling sad and vaguely angry.

Which is silly. I made a mistake. Today's a new, beautiful day. Come on, Emotions, get with the program! Shape up!


RHL said...

It sucks learnignt he hard way about the 930 club.. it's always a better option to head upstairs and get some space along the rail to stand and lean and watch.. better view.. arguably better sound.. much better people watching.
Think of the bright side.. now you know, (and knowing is half the battle!!)

Shamik said...
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Shamik said...

What Scott was trying to say was that the second set sucked, the upstairs was way more crowded, and the fiddler broke a string and had to use a rubber band.

But, you know, it can be hard to tell through that thick accent.